World TB Day

On March 22, at 09:00 on the World TB Day, the public organization “Aeneas Club”, in cooperation with the TV Nadezhda Charitable Foundation and the TBE “Phthisiology” with the support of the International Institute for HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis, ICF Alliance public health “, the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, the World Health Organization and the municipal association” Kievzelenstroy “, as well as partner public organizations will hold an action in order to attract public attention of the city of Kiev, state bodies government and our self-government to the problem of the tuberculosis epidemic in Ukraine, the state of financing for today the sphere of prevention and control of tuberculosis. The problems and realities of the epidemic today are such that the estimated incidence of tuberculosis in Ukraine is gradually decreasing, but still every fourth patient in our country remains unnoticed by the health system.

During the action, a screening survey of all comers is planned using special screening questionnaires on TV, distribution of information materials on tuberculosis, disposable masks; Also, everyone will be able to do a lung examination on a modern digital mobile fluorograph and in just 10 minutes get the result of the study and consultation of a phthisiatrician.

The action will be held from 09:00 to 17:00 at the address: Kyiv, st. Boryspil, 30A near the polyclinic № 2 of Darnytskyi district – residents of the district, as well as all residents and visitors of the city will be able to undergo a free test on TV.

In the course of the action, leading domestic and international experts in the field of tuberculosis control will turn to the participants and invited media: Zaguta Yulia Borisovna, director of the TBE “Phthisiology” and the medical specialist of the WHO Office in Ukraine, Andrei Slavutsky.

After the presentation of the respected specialists, 20 remarkable maples (courtesy of Kievzelenstroy) will be planted at the polyclinic in the park (Rembazivskyi Park) as a sign that the trees that clean the air are the lungs of our land. “Taking care of the light planets, we take care of our own lungs! “.