Teenager Addiction

Teenage drug addiction is a terrible phenomenon that eventually takes on new and perverted forms. If ten years ago, adolescents smoked marijuana, turning to more severe drugs (hanko, heroin), now the familiarity with drugs begins with chemicals.

Smoking mixes (synthetic analogues of marijuana), salts (derivatives of amphetamine) and other Chinese infections firmly settled on Russian soil. The worst thing is that advertising these substances everywhere: on sidewalks, walls of buildings, stops. On the Internet without problems you can buy the so-called “legal”. Drug traffickers feel free and act brazenly.

News tells you about flashy events every now and then. For example, there was a case when young people under the influence of smoking blends carved their eyes to their friend. The latter did not even understand what had happened and continued to talk, smile. Such shocking stories are hundreds in modern Russia. The consequences of using spice are terrible. In a few years, people become just vegetable. Some salt drug addicts are just crazy.

Teenagers are not protected by anything. An unformed person can easily become a victim of dexterous drug addicts or drug propaganda. If the trouble comes to your house in the form of addiction, then you should not despair. Everything can be solved. However, it is not worthwhile to deal with drug addiction. After all, you can only worsen the situation and lose the trust of the child.

But before you beat the alarm, you need to make sure that your son or daughter is really using drugs. In this case, you should contact the rehabilitation center, where professionals will start working with a teenager.

The main features of adolescent drug addiction are as follows:

  • Red (glassy) eyes, enlarged pupils. An indifferent look. Unexplained language. Strange silence or excessive talkativeness. Inadequate behavior.
  • The teenager constantly needs money. The main sources of funding are parents. If you do not give money at home, it’s possible that petty theft or taking certain things from the house for sale.

Did you notice something like your child? This does not give 100% guarantee that he is a drug addict, but he has to be alarmed. Ask the competent narcologist and ask the teen to give blood. If your fears are confirmed, take action and save your young life. Timely assistance is able to radically change the situation. Do not wait for home appliances and jewelry to go away, but just act