Mission of the organization – Prevention of HIV / AIDS / STIs and tuberculosis among vulnerable groups of population (Drug users and women of sex businesses) Improvement of the standard of living of people affected by the problem of dependence and restriction of freedom.

Our values:

  • Democratic Governance — involving members of the organization in decision-making.
  • Sensitivity / orientation to the needs of our customers — a clear focus on the needs of vulnerable segments of the population, rapid identification and response to change in the drug scene, legislation and other influences.
  • Team approach and reliability  — fulfillment of their obligations to members of the organization, partners and donors.
  • Positive image and cohesion — a unified approach in the work, development of the team as professionals and like-minded people, work for a common result.

For realization of our activity the NGO “Club” Eney “in its work combines several basic approaches:

  •  formation of cooperation with medical institutions;
  •  overcoming stigma and discrimination against vulnerable groups;
  •  professional approach in the organization of services for target groups;
  •  flexibility in responding to changes in the drug scene, legislation and other influences.

The motto of our team: I got help myself (for free) -help another (for free)

Principles, which we are guided in the work:

  • respect for the customer
  • propaganda of safe behavior
  • absence of distinctions on social status, gender, physical and psychological condition, faiths and political views; tolerance;
  • involvement of representatives of target groups in social work on the principle of “peer to peer”;
  • an integrated approach to solving the problem of drug use, which includes a rational combination of primary prevention, harm reduction and rehabilitation;
  • joint efforts and partnership with public and state organizations, medical institutions and individuals in solving problems of drug use, HIV / AIDS
  • confidentiality and anonymity of information that we are trusted; openness to cooperation.

Target Groups with which the organization works:

  • Persons using drugs and their immediate surroundings;
  • women who provide sex for remuneration
  • conditionally convicted for drug-related offenses;
  • former convicted women;

The strategic direction of the organization:
Reducing the incidence of HIV infection and other socially dangerous diseases (STIs, TB, hepatitis) among the most vulnerable population groups.

“ENEY Club” was founded in 1993 by an initiative group of people to provide fraternal support and the opportunity to share experiences, strengths and hopes with those people who have not been getting high from drugs for a long time. In the year 2000 The public association “Club Eney” officially registered itself and started its activity more widely. With the help of ICF “International Alliance for HIV / AIDS in Ukraine”, the NGO “Aeneas Club” successfully implements projects in the field “Prevention of HIV / AIDS / STI among vulnerable groups of the population, such as FSW and IDU. The purpose of the project direction of the NGO “Club Eney” is to reduce the spread of HIV / STI, TV, other dangerous infections and co-morbidities by carrying out a set of measures to reduce the risk.
The public organization “Eney Club” started providing services such as rapid HIV testing, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis B and C, mobile ambulance services, consulting by such specialist doctors as dermatovenerologist, infectiologist, gynecologist, psychologist , as well as a social worker. In addition, the public organization “Aeneas Club” carries out exchange of syringes among vulnerable groups of the population, provides free condoms, lubricants, alcohol wipes, information and educational materials, informs organizations providing other various services about rehabilitation centers, protection of the rights of users of drugs and persons , providing sex services. Also, the NGO “Club” Eney “regularly organized and carried out free vaccine prophylaxis for hepatitis B. Community Center (Community)” Club Eney “organizes leisure, training, information sessions, as well as self-help groups for people who have suffered from drug use. Since 2001, the public organization “Aeneas Club” has been actively involved in the implementation of the State Program for HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support for People with HIV and AIDS, as well as the Kyiv City Integrated Program for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. As part of the program, the organization exchanges syringes and distributes condoms and information materials. Harm Reduction Program among injecting drug users of HIV infection in the “Eney” Club started in 2001 with an annual coverage of 800 people. In 2014, the annual coverage is more than 5000 people. Over the whole period of the syringe exchange program, the organization has reached more than 15,000 injecting drug users. The public organization “Eney Club” conducts the exchange of syringes at street stations (at drugstores, in areas where drug users are concentrated), at stationary points (on the basis of community centers), secondary centers (directly in places of distribution and use of narcotic drugs) with mobile brigades . Also, the NGO Club Eney conducts HIV / STI prevention among sex workers for remuneration (RKS). Since 2002, the organization has been conducting preventive work (counseling on safe sexual behavior, condom distribution, personal hygiene and information materials, referral to specialists, testing for HIV, STIs, viral hepatitis). Prevention among the RCC started in 2002 with an annual coverage of 200 people, in 2014 the coverage is 2,000 people. Over the period of work, the direction has reached more than 6,000 employees of commercial sex. Services for this risk group are amenable to the places of their work (routes, saunas, apartments, etc.). The life of all people is equivalent. The level of people’s vulnerability to HIV / AIDS is increased through existing social inequalities, which are caused, in particular, by poverty and human rights violations. Everyone has the right to access to the necessary information and services. People should have access to accurate and comprehensive information on HIV prevention, comprehensive prevention programs, and those initiatives that contribute to self-determination, dignity and quality of life for people living with HIV, as well as for groups most at risk of or affecting the spread of HIV / AIDS. Everyone has the right to receive care and treatment from AIDS, as well as the right to appropriate health and social services, including treatment and palliative care for people living with AIDS. Public Association “Club” Eney tries to do all this and do it not in word and deed.